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You can find all the available marathon-cli parameters by running the command marathon-cloud --help. Below, you'll find a list of the parameters you can set.

marathon-cloud --help
-app string
application filepath. Required
android example: /home/user/workspace/sample.apk
ios example: /home/user/workspace/
-testapp string
test apk file path. Required
android example: /home/user/workspace/testSample.apk
ios example: /home/user/workspace/
-platform string
testing platform. Required
possible values: "Android" or "iOS"
-api-key string
api-key for client. Required
-os-version string
Android or iOS OS version
-link string
link to commit
-name string
name for run, for example it could be description of commit
-o string
allure raw results output folder
-system-image string
OS-specific system image. For Android one of [default,google_apis]. For iOS only [default]
-isolated bool
Run each test using isolated execution. Default is false.