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Version: 0.8.4


Executing tests on iOS simulators requires access to Apple hardware capable of executing tests. This can be a local macOS instance or a remote instance accessible via secure shell. For remote access file transfers are carried out incrementally using rsync.

Device provider can provision simulators on-demand, reuse existing ones if they match desired configuration as well as utilize pre-provisioned simulators. See documentation on workers for more information on this topic.

Marathon can run both XCUITests and XCTests. Test bundle requires you to specify application under test as well as test application. After preprocessing both of these inputs are distilled into an application bundle (e.g. and xctest bundle (e.g. my-tests.xctest) You can specify .ipa application archives as well as .zip with the same content as application archive. They will be searched for the application and xctest bundles. If there are multiple entries matching description - marathon will fail.


It is much easier to supply the .app application bundle and .xctest bundle directly instead of wasting time on packaging a signed application archive and depending on runtime discovery of your bundles

Compatibility notes


For users of XcodeGen marathon requires you to specify the following in your project's spec to make sure Info.plist is generated for parsing your app's information:


See XcodeGen docs for more information.