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Quick start


The installation can be performed using Homebrew. Here’s how to add the MarathonLabs repository:

brew tap malinskiy/tap

Next, install the Marathon Cloud CLI:

brew install malinskiy/tap/marathon-cloud

Alternatively, you can download prebuild binaries for Windows, Linux, or MacOS from the Release page.


Token creation and management are available at the Tokens page. Generate a token and save it somewhere safe for the next step.

Samples (optional)

To showcase the advantages of Marathon Cloud compared to other solutions, we’ve prepared a sample app with 300 tests, out of which 15% are flaky. During the initial run, our platform will gather information about the tests. During the second run, it will optimize it to fit within 15 minutes.

Download prebuild iOS Application
curl -o

Download prebuild iOS Test Application

curl -o

To use your own applications please read Documentation.


Now you can start running your tests. Use the following command to execute the CLI with the necessary parameters:

export MARATHON_CLOUD_API_KEY=generated_api_key
marathon-cloud run ios --application --test-application

For additional parameters, refer to the marathon-cloud-cli README